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Cupid's Drop Box

LiveJournal Valentines 2010

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Leave love notes here!
Welcome to 021410, this year's anonymous Valentine's notes community! Please leave your notes for friends, loves, crushes, and anyone else you think deserves a little more love in their lives - that's everyone! If you're feeling brave, sign your name, but if not, go anonymous! We track IPs for modding purposes, but I promise, we're not sharing. Unless you give the game away yourself, this is as secret as can be.

To leave a post: Easy as pie! Just find the entry for the first letter of your object of affection's name and post a comment for them. (Real name or lj name, it doesn't matter in the least.) It makes it easier if you put their name in the subject line - that way they can find it easily when the posts get full.

To find a post: Just check the right entries for your name!

The rules:
There aren't a lot of them, but what there are we ask that you follow.

- Nudity or rude icons
- Explicit sexual content
- Threats of violence (Why do I even have to put this one!)
- "Outing" someone else

If you have a problem with a comment in the community (or you accidentally post an anon message with your name on it!) please contact the mods over at this post on team_cupid. There's a lot of us, so we should get back to you really fast! If it's something that just can't wait, go ahead and PM me and I'll get to it ASAP.

Welcome to the comm! I hope this year is as fun for you as it is for us!

tisiphone, for the 2010 Team Cupid lineup -

and our Amazingly Talented Web Goddess, scien!

scien would like to thank this beautiful colour palette on ColourLovers for colour inspiration/nabbing.